Dear Friend,

If you’re an acquaintance, you’d call me “Erika.” It’s how my byline appears for my day job magazine-article-writing gig. It reads that way on my resume, electric bill and bank documents. It’s what my dentist, a telemarketer and those with business inquiries call me.


But, those who know me… who really know me… call me simply, “Er.”

If “Erika” is the high-heeled wearing, skirt-suit donning, formal name that shows up at business meetings and doctors appointments, then “Er” is the comfy, sneakers-and-jeans version who gets personal over a cup of coffee (or lately, maybe herbal tea!).


Now that we’re cozy, I have a few confessions.

By nature, I love to be busy. I interrupt too much.
I’m a passionate person who is not good at relaxing.
I’m addicted to making and crossing things off lists.

All of this doesn’t sound too terrible… until I set out on a blogging adventure entitled “Simple Spectacular.”
A schedule-packing, list-making, A-type personality personified does not exactly fit the definition of “simple.”


Because of this, I was originally going to name my blog “Breath of Fresh Er.” I could post my thoughts and ideas and tips in whatever direction I choose.

None of this “simple” stuff.

But I’ve recently been convicted about the clutter, the excess, the stuff, that clouds my vision of what is truly important. I want to run from the busy, the complicated, the cluttered… just like an over-exuberant grade-school kid on a long-overdue recess! Run with open arms to embrace homespun simplicity.

Less expectation. More freedom.
Less demand. More grace.
Less spending. More creativity.
Less swallowing of pre-packaged ideals fed to us at every moment.
More opportunity to flourish how our Maker intended, without being burdened down.


I’ve always believed simple is good.

I’ve been told I’d probably be at home in a different century, a time when grow-your-own and do-it-yourself weren’t just cute and trendy phrases for creative, Pinterest types. A simpler time (with the addition of modern pluming… because, really, there’s a big difference between simple and preposterous; don’t you think?!?!).

I’ve always loved handmade, homegrown, pick-your-own, upcycled and old-fashioned. But now I’m now challenging myself to take it further.

To cut through the clutter of life to get to what really matters, to whittle down my “to-do” lists and to focus on forever.


So this blog is evidence of my work in progress.
My steps toward simplicity.
Still lots of “Fresh Er,” only focused to show how simplicity is not only possible… it’s spectacular.


So grab the beverage of your choice, and settle in to get to know me a bit better as I’m stepping toward simplicity… I look forward to getting to know you, too!


I hope my thoughts truly uplift your day, prompt some pondering and serve as “Breath of Fresh Er” as you join me on my journey toward a simple, satisfying life.


Best always,



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