I write. I think. I pray.

I clean lollipop residue off tiny, sticky hands.

I garden. I cook. I read. (with enthusiasm)

I clean (generally not with the same enthusiasm).

I eat ice cream.

I make lists (LOTS of lists)

I sometimes add something to my list after it’s completed, just so I could cross it off. (Don’t judge)


I am inspired by everyday people.

I’m passionate. I set high goals. I love ideas, creativity and vision.

I struggle with high expectations (that I set for myself and others).

I’m kind-of afraid of cotton balls (touching them gives me the chills!).


I’m drawn to tradition, family and history.

I have 20 first cousins.

I’ve learned cooking, food preserving, gardening and upcycling from my grandparents (and also that it’s ok to add sugar to your bowl of cereal every now and then)

I get disgusted with drama.

I interrupt too much.

I’m bossy (Ugh. It hurt to type that one!)


I’m a lacto-ovo pescatarian. (No, it’s not a disease. I’m a vegetarian who eats dairy, eggs and seafood)

I cringe when I throw something away.



I get cranky when I go a long time without interacting with people.

I’m a locavore.


I like to be in control.

I constantly realize I’m not in control.


I am forgiven and redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. …which has changed everything.


I think sunflowers are more beautiful than diamonds.

I’m short. I don’t mind.