Done is Better than Perfect

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Simple Idea: Sometimes Done is Better Than Perfect

“A thought will seldom last if it only remains a thought. When the mind is not focused on the thought, it fades almost as if it has never been, and the world will not know the difference because only one soul knows of its near beginning.

“The spoken word lasts only for a brief moment longer until its whispers have faded and stopped echoing around the room.

“However, the same words written down may last forever. Although it may even be misplaced for ages, it can be found and shared in another world, another culture. So that all men may share and realize that they are not so different after all.”

StartSimpleSpectacularI first wrote these words down as a type of writer’s mission statement for one of my college classes. Since then, I’ve added a degree, husband, house, job, kid, ministry and volunteer work… and all these things have somehow gotten in the way of my writing (Can you imagine? People actually wanting to eat three meals every day and other people expecting me to meet company deadlines… Crazy, right?)

So I’ve put writing on the backburner (personal writing anyway, because, well, the writing-for-my-job-that-actually-pays-the-bills has to be on the, um, frontburner, for obvious reasons.). I have loved the idea of blogging for a while, but I’ve never made it a priority, because I didn’t think I could put in the time required to make it perfect.

Then it hit me.

I’m not perfect.

But I want to write. I need to write. Far too many thoughts have faded and echoes have died down, and I realize as a writer, I’ve simply got to get out there and make it happen. (If you’re human, as I assume, you’re not perfect either, so we’ll be mutually gracious as we get to know each other!)

Have you been thinking of something you want to do – NEED to do – but have been putting it off by reason (excuse!) of perfection? Stop it. Seriously. Let’s aim high. Let’s set a goal for excellence. But let’s not let the daunting “PERFECTION” impediment stop us from getting it done. In many cases, it’s true. Done is better than perfect.

One practical thing I did at the end of last year to get me on the right track was to tell people my plan to start a blog. I knew if the word was out, friends wouldn’t let me rest, and they would keep asking me and pestering me about my project until I would have to stop putting it off and actually do it. (Yeah, my friends sound pushy, but really, they’re just plain fantastic.)

So, tell someone about your project. Goal. Aspiration. Thing you NEED to do. Share what it is by commenting on this post, and I’ll be happy to be that pushy friend who bothers you until you get it done (No, really, I’ll be nice. But still a little bit pushy. But mostly nice.)

Let the Simple.Spectacular! journey begin. I’m glad you’re along for the ride with me!

Now that was simple. Right?


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  1. dawn

    Making goals is easy for me, but even when I tell someone it’s still hard for me to complete them. I seem to be in short supply of people who will keep me accountable. I keep trying though!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your writing!

    • Erika at Simple.Spectacular!

      Thanks, Dawn! What are some of your current goals? Maybe we could help! Have you tried creating “mini-goals” that are steps leading to the ultimate goal? Maybe you could find one thing you could do this week that will get you one step closer toward reaching one of those goals! What could that be?

  2. Erika at Simple.Spectacular!

    Thank you for the feedback! I’ve been so encouraged by your thoughts! For Susan, Christina and Suheiry, thank you especially for helping me to START. I’m so grateful!

    And Susan… consider yourself warned; I can nag when I need to 😉 You’re headed in the right direction asking for encouragement!

  3. Suheiry F.

    I love your first post! It’s so positive and inspiring! I look forward to all your future posts. Keep it up. You’re off to an awesome start.

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